Versace Holsty


Hip Hop Artist

Versace Holsty is an up and coming rapper from Staten Island, NY. A word bender with the ability to set his own trends and melodies musically. Currently working on his first project due later this year.

Growing up, Holsty watched his family work hard to acheive the success and forunes that come with it. While his friends were busy playing sports, he was mentored by his uncle and learning how to elevate his hustle to pursue his career aspirations. As the eldest of four siblings, he had natural leadership qualities.

Versace Holsty started rapping while attending school and performed at a pep rally that garnered the attention of his friends and fellow students. While in attendance at the Up and Smoke Tour, he became inspired and envisioned himself on stage one day. He released two mixtapes on small platforms between 2008 and 2009, "Brotherly Love Equals Dollars" and "Holst His Story". A third project, "The H" was never released on major platforms.

Currently, Holsty runs his own business EAAT - Everywhere, Anytyhing Anytime, which derives it's name from Everywhere Gang (Gather.All.National.Geez.) He's set out to prove that he's one of the best at this art, painting a bigger picture, and hopes to leave behind something that others can learn from. He's always made a way for his team and younger siblings and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. Expect new music in the coming months from Versace Holsty.

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